Military Training San Diego


Military and Law Enforcement Training Course

Active Shooter Defense School offers military and law enforcement training courses for active duty and former military, contractors, and law enforcement. These courses are for experienced operators and involve advanced weapons tactics not meant for beginners.

Course Overview

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 Course Duration: 8 hours

This course is meant for elite military or law enforcement individuals looking to hone your skills or sharpen a dull edge. This is not meant for beginners! Common topics include Special Warfare tactics and room clearing/CQB training.

Gear List:

  • Full kit (helmet if you have one) and safety gear
  • Rifle and associated equipment
  • Pistol and associated equipment
  • 5 rifle mags
  • 3 pistol mags
  • 400 Pistol rounds
  • 400 Rifle rounds
  • Bring lunch and snacks
  • Weather appropriate clothing

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